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Obamacare Boot camp

Seminars held in NY, NJ, CT and PA.
Cost: $350.00 per attendee

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Obamacare Bootcamp 2016:
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.  -Milton Berle




Out of network providers: 
Learn how Obamacare legally and pragmatically impacts your practice. Learn where the new obstacles lie and how to develop and leverage them into practice assets.


All providers: Can Insurance companies to discriminate against chiropractors? receive a full briefing on what insurance company non-compliance is and what to do once itis discovered. Are ASH or ACN somehow exempt?



All providers: Learn how Obamacare affects billing and procedures. Does it expand or limit your fee schedule, does it impact your pricing?
All providers:  A full briefing on dsicrimination denials under Obamacare and what your appeal options are. Eligible denials stretch from as far back as 2014 that are in violation of obamacare regulations.
All providers: Understand how to differentiate between insurance plans(platinum and gold) and cost sharing plans(silver and bronze) and how cost sharing can be leveraged in your practice.


All providers: Navinet is the central tool for communication between doctors and the Insurance industry. Navinet has been purposely modeled and retooled to cater to the insurance carriers' needs. Learn how to decipeher and unlock gems and assets that most of us overlook everyday. 



About the lecturer, Dr. Atzmon, DC, MCS-P
Medical Compliance Specialist 
Graduated with a doctorate from Life University in 1992. 
Adjunct Professor, Columbia University
Member of Office Ergonomic Research Committee 2009-2011
Consumer Electronic Association Innovations Award in Health and Wellness 2010
Consumer Electronic Association Innovations Award in Health and Wellness  2011
PCWorld Magazine Top 100 Innovations of the Year 2011
PCWorld Magazine Top 100 Innovations of the Year 2010
International Design Excellence Award Finalist 2011
By the end of this seminar you will be able to leverage obamacare into working for each of your practices and the patients that you serve...and 2016 should be your best year yet!
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